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With over 45 years of experience in property conveyancing in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Berryman Partners will make sure the process of selling a house is trouble free, giving you peace of mind.

We will prepare a carefully and professionally drafted contract for sale which will prevent delay and costly legal issues which could otherwise arise.

How to sell your house

  • Preparing a contract for sale and relevant documents – including a title search, plan and registered dealings, zonage certificate and drainage diagram.
  • Agreeing to sell – when a buyer comes along with an offer that you are willing to accept, we will finalise the terms of the contract.
  • Exchange of contracts – after you have accepted the buyers offer, they will sign and send the contract.
  • Settlement – occurs when the buyer pays for the property

Property Conveyancing Experience & Testimonials

Before your property can be advertised for sale a contract must be prepared with required documents. We can prepare the contract for you, adding special conditions to ensure the sale will proceed smoothly. We can also organise the required documents and pass these on to the agent so your property is placed on the market quickly.

Once a buyer has been found for your property, we will prepare the final contract and negotiate with the buyer’s solicitor. We will ensure your best interests are protected.

After the contracts are exchanged we will arrange for the transfer to be signed, we will contact your lender and arrange for any mortgage held over the property to be discharged and ensure they are ready for settlement. At Berryman Partners, we can assist you in all aspects of the selling process, ensuring you understand every step along the way. Contact our conveyancing lawyers for advice as soon as you begin the process of selling your home.

Selling Strata Property

If you own a strata property, such as a unit, and are considering selling the property, you must include additional documentation to prepare the contract for sale. The documents required are:

  • A copy of the property certificate for the lot and common property
  • A copy of the strata plan showing the lot
  • A copy of any changes of by-laws regarding the use of common property
  • A copy of any special levies that have been imposed

Berryman Partners can assist in obtaining these documents and drafting an accurate contract for sale. We can also provide advice for collective strata sale.

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