COVID 19 and Parenting Arrangements

COVID 19 and Parenting Arrangements 19 May 2020

The global pandemic has forced lifestyle changes upon all of us, but as a separated parent you may find yourself querying whether your new normal still means that you can adhere to your Family Law Court Orders and most importantly that the safety of your children is maintained.

The Family Court has issued guidelines about what is expected of parents.  Parents are expected to comply with existing Orders, but it is acknowledged that strict compliance may not be possible, for example where changeover takes place by one parent delivering the children to school at the beginning of the day and the other collecting them later that afternoon.

The Courts are urging parents to communicate with one another to try and reach a practical solution that follows the spirit of your Orders.  This isn’t always easy.  If a conversation with your ex has not been constructive, we are here to help you.  We are still open and as always there are many ways in which we can assist you to resolve your matter.  Mediation conferences are running remotely and in the worst case scenario, the Courts are still dealing with cases.

As always, the best interests of your children and their safety and wellbeing are the paramount consideration. If you have any concerns, it is important that you speak to your lawyer as soon as possible.

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