Solicitors for Court Appearances

If you have received a Summons or a Court Attendance Notice then it is important that you get legal advice before you make your appearance or get an experienced solicitor to appear for you in court. Failing to appear when you are required to is taken very seriously by the Court and can result in negative and potentially costly outcomes for you.

At Berryman Partners we have solicitors with expertise in all court matters. Whether you are required to appear in court for a criminal or traffic matter, in relation to a civil claim or as part of family law proceedings we can provide you with a solicitor with the experience to ensure that you receive the right representation and a fair outcome. We have specialist solicitors who understand the procedures and practices of the court and who can put your mind at ease.

We understand the fear and anxiety that people can experience before appearing in court. We will provide a friendly and reassuring approach and work to achieve the outcome that you desire.

We have solicitors that regularly appear in all courts and tribunals in Newcastle.

Our solicitors have expertise in:

  1. Criminal and traffic offences
  2. Family law disputes
  3. Civil litigation
  4. Debt recovery


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